Business Sponsors

Our 2019-2020 School Year Business Sponsors!

Why should you become a business sponsor?

We are reaching out to you today on behalf of the Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary PTCO (Parent/Teacher/Community Organization). Coltrane-Webb Elementary STEM Elementary School is located in the heart of Concord at 61 Spring St., N.W., but we are different from other Elementary Schools. We are a public STEM school within the Cabarrus County School District, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Our school is a Title I school which means that at least 45% of our students receive free or reduced meals.  The PTCO raises money to support a variety of activities and events at our school. We provide uniforms for over 50 students annually who are unable to purchase school uniforms for themselves.  We fund school clubs and field trips, both of which allow our students to receive enriching and educating experiences outside of the classroom.  We also provide funding for school supplies for the teachers.  Additionally, our PTCO funds are used to support our safe schools initiatives, which include the recent purchase of a replacement television screen for the front office staff to use in monitoring our school campus.  Meeting our fundraising goals for this year will mean that we are able to purchase tools for reading intervention and enrichment, totaling approximately $5000.00.

Because we believe the community plays a large role in the success of our school, we are reaching out to local businesses to ask for help.  We are hoping we can count on you to become a Coltrane-Webb Business Partner and Sponsor who can make a remarkable, tangible difference in the lives of our students and teachers.

What are we asking from you?

  • A financial contribution to support the previously mentioned programs

  • Assistance with voting online or on social networks for much-needed educational grants and donations

  • Volunteers to help support us at various at-school events

  • A partnership that will be an extension of the Coltrane-Webb Family!

 What will you receive in return?

  • Marketing opportunities for your company including…(a) your business name or brand in a monthly newsletter that will be sent home with all students (b) your business name or brand on the back of school spirit-wear and (c) your business name or brand on a banner that will hang on our school campus

  • The opportunity to interact with and make a difference in the lives of almost 500 students and over 30 teachers



Cub Level Sponsor $250

  • “Proud Supporter of Coltrane Web Elementary” web banner for your business website

  • Your business name on our school website

  • Your business name listed under “Cub Level Sponsor” Category on monthly newsletter to be sent home with all 500 students

  • Thank you posts on school and PTCO Facebook pages


Cougar Level Sponsor $500

  • Previous level plus business name/brand on back of school t-shirt

  • Business name listed under “Cougar Level Sponsor” on monthly newsletter to be sent home with all 500 students


Zougar Level Sponsor $1000

  • All previous levels plus business name/brand on banner to be hung on school campus

  • Thank you message on the marquis in front of school (corner of Spring St. and Grove St.)

  • Business name to be listed under “Zougar Level Sponsor” on monthly newsletter to be sent home with all 500 students